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Ahhh. Ahhh. by TenyoSciurus Ahhh. Ahhh. :icontenyosciurus:TenyoSciurus 8 4
Ex2 Rd 1: When It's Black and White
     At noon the day after arrival, such as it was in Nothing, the contestants and any teammates and tagalongs who cared to accompany them were called to a meeting room in the Waldron Rothschild Hotel, a serious and businesslike locale for serious and businesslike people. There was only a single chair, centered against the back wall, facing the door. Already present in this chair before anyone else arrived was Satan, legs crossed and hands folded in his lap, looking especially serious and businesslike.
     Everyone else was expected to stand. This was partially because no one was to stay long enough for it to be an issue, and partially because getting appropriate seating for everyone would have been awkward.
     Aithne had considered being the last to arrive, but such a thing would be far too much effort to ensure, at much too easy to foil for the effect it would have had. Instead, at the stroke of noon precis
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Ex2 Pre-1: Contemplating Nothing
     On a high roof Aithne sat, and peered into the streets below. After Satan had dropped the Pride of Eblana off in Nothing, she'd gone to the tallest building she could see from where they were, climbed to the top of it, and there she'd stayed ever since, moving only occasionally from one edge to another.
     The Pride had first followed her, but since scattered to do their own investigations and sightseeing. They came and went, using this roof as their base of operations, as Aithne had more or less made herself a perpetual fixture. A fluid group sat in a cluster nearer the middle of the roof, anywhere from five to two dozen cats at any given time. Aithne took no visible notice of them, nor did any come to speak to her, leaving her to her solitary vigil.
     Before her, Nothing stretched out farther than the eye could see, which given the lack of curvature said even more than it did on Earth. This was both
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The Exchange II, DeadGP's Meme: Aithne
Answered pleasantly by a cat perched atop a stool.
1. Why not go ahead and introduce us to your character(s)? I'm sure they're interesting!
2. How, uh. . . interesting! Yeah, that's the word, sure. So why do they want to be a death god? The fame, the fortune, the eternal screams of souls being torn from their fleshy homes, etc.?
Oh, don't be so dramatic! I've seen souls leave bodies before, and almost none of them scream. I'm in it because life as Death seems more heaven than Heaven.
3. So I see. Well, only two deities are gonna be able to dole out the divinity! What do your characters think about Satan and Death?
I've only had passing brushes with Death, always brief and usually at a distance. We've all seen him, and though Bran seems to be his biggest fan, I've never really tried to talk to him before, myself. I'm mostly flattered he'd consider me for the job.
All I know about Satan is the stories. If he
:icontenyosciurus:TenyoSciurus 0 0
Ex2 Audition: This Looks Like a Job for a Cat
     In Donadea Forest Park a few kilometers outside of Dublin, a cat sat atop a tall stump. This was no ordinary cat, but a Cat Sidhe, a magical and intelligent creature. His name was Deverell, and likewise, he was no ordinary Cat Sidhe, but a member of the Pride of Eblana, the most prestigious in the world, or so any member would tell you. Each member was an expert in some field, and for Deverell, it was his race's own fairy magic.
     Though the night was warm, Deverell sat with his coat puffed out, a subconscious reaction to what he saw. Though the air was clear and the moon full, he saw only mist. He'd come out here with a magical and intelligent purpose: To watch and listen to the ethereal plane.
     The ethereal plane was a quiet and still place, more so than the material forest around him. There was almost nothing there, and what there was was mostly spirits of the recently departed, who were usually t
:icontenyosciurus:TenyoSciurus 1 0
Death God Application: Aithne
Name: Aithne, but will give a different name to almost everyone she meets, typically mythical or legendary cats, or foreign words for "cat", either pronounced properly or mispronounced with local phonics.
Age: Physical characteristics of a 2-year-old cat, likely much older.
Sex: female
Race: Cat Sidhe (say: "caught shee"), a fey cat
Height: 11"
Length: 20"
Weight: 10 lbs.
Build: sleek, but disguised by fluff
Skin: not visible
Hair: mid-length, black, with a white patch on the chest
Eyes: yellow-green
Other defining features: Irish accent, left pawed
Clothing: none
Overview: As a baseline, Aithne is quiet, calm, and well-mannered, putting on a charming facade of sweetness and helpfulness. This isn't to say she can't be sweet and helpful, just that she always presents herself this way at first, regardless of her real intentions.
:icontenyosciurus:TenyoSciurus 1 6
Ponysona Avatar by TenyoSciurus Ponysona Avatar :icontenyosciurus:TenyoSciurus 4 14 Blades of Glass by TenyoSciurus Blades of Glass :icontenyosciurus:TenyoSciurus 3 7
Let Me Tell You a Story
     Long, long ago something exceptional happened. The smartest animal on Earth invented a consistent, universally shareable form of communication we now call "language". With it, any one individual could have any idea, and it would not stay just with them. They could share it. This one simple fact turned them from simply the smartest animal, to one capable of dominating their entire world. Later would come the invention of writing, and with this, ideas could be spread far and wide with ease and fidelity, and could last forever.
     As these greatest of animals, these humans, thought and conversed, they began to wonder. They were curious about the nature of the world they lived in. They wondered, how do the trees know how to grow, and rivers know how to flow, and seasons know how to change? So they made up spirits, great and small. Intelligences like themselves who could not normally be perceived, but could, in theory, be communicated
:icontenyosciurus:TenyoSciurus 2 2
Br1 Prologue: Everybody's Fool
     "I have no intention of running away from this."
     Eight pairs of eyes were on Lein as he discussed what had happened, and the future of their troupe. The mood was dark, the clothes were dark, but the room backstage in the theater was well-lit for unrelated reasons. Those who hadn't been there that night had received the news early that morning:
     "Now, hold on!" Shanteah protested from her position leaning on a support beam. "One of us is missing, possibly dead, our lives could easily be on the line here, and now you draw the hero card?"
     "Our odds may be much better than they look," Jackie, seated on large white pillow, chimed in. "Up until now, it's like whatever force is behind this has been trying scare everyone into leaving New Cartec. Fear of the unknown. The more we come to understand what's going on, the better we can confront it. I've been checking the Mid
:icontenyosciurus:TenyoSciurus 0 5
BrkAud: Shadow of the Theater
     The sound of applause still echoed in Melanie's head as she entered her room for the night. Like most of the crew, she had her own place within the theater. It was large and comfortable enough. For now. Laughing as she removed her costume, she switched on some music. Tonight had been fantastic, and she wasn't quite ready to let it end yet. The song had been Alice Cooper's "Poison", the trick "Interlude", with props themed with the original video. The song she played now was the Groove Coverage version.
     Melanie loved to dance, and it showed in her performances. The passion she carried had gathered some attention. The prospect of a solo career was thrilling. The talent sharks wanted her. Her! Mell herself, alone.
     But that had been the professional display, the show for the fans. Now, after hours, alone, she just wanted to shake her body, and Groove Coverage suited that purpose better.
:icontenyosciurus:TenyoSciurus 0 8
AV2: Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies
     Rictor Velos. The name had rippled through the air of the AVOCCE building since they had first heard it. It was spoken in hushed tones, the sense of dread it carried building the place into something menacing, then practically a legend, though few of the contestants had even heard of the more than a few hours ago. "The planet that was out to kill you." It made Rez wish things would just get started, so the murmuring, whispering, and speculation would stop. When they had finally entered the pods, it had been a welcome relief. At least it was quiet.
     The quietude had not ended upon arrival. The room was small, cheerfully lit and pleasantly heated. At least, that was the intention. It was nowhere close to what was normal and comfortable for either of its occupants. For one, it would have been more familiar if it had been allowed to go to shit, with mold on the walls, dust on the floor and benches, and whatever mutated vermin had s
:icontenyosciurus:TenyoSciurus 1 3
AVSE: Back on Pater
     Susan Acha bent low, inspecting the bullet hole in the small ruby body. The other nurses had gone to bed almost an hour ago. She had volunteered for the night shift, though the rest of the staff was still on call in case another fight were to end with someone in critical condition. Susan had always been a bit of a night owl, herself, and the only one not afraid of this patient. She had always had a certain love for things that others fear. Snakes, spiders, the undead... and now this ruby "demon" who sat on the bed before her. They had all seen the fights. Some called it a monster. Susan found it fascinating.
     "We weren't given much of a breifing on kuldas physiology, but I hear it's because all you'll be needing is something to eat, and that'll close up just fine on its own, am I right?" Her eyes flicked to the passive face for confirmation, and got a quick nod. "Most of the bullet was washed out during your shower, there are o
:icontenyosciurus:TenyoSciurus 1 5
A-V Official Meme: Rez
First off: let's just get this outta the way right now: Mandatory Introduction Time!
Who are you? What are you?
If you did not know this in advance, why are we doing this? Nonetheless, I am Rezetosnalikari. I am a kuldas, and a scout of the Kalariba Tribe's army.
Alllright, now that that's over with, Question #1: So how does it feel to be competing in front of countless billions of life-forms, each one of them tuned in to your every move and possibly watching you on instant replay?
I have little taste for the spectators, and am glad I need not deal with them personally. As I can only be here but for their entertainment, I suppose they are a means to my ends.
And how does it feel to know that many of them are probably cheering for your horrible and gruesome death? Not making you nervous, am I?
Nervous? Not at all. I knew what this was. That they get some kind of a sadistic pleasure from the worst possibilities comes as no surprise. I expected nothing less.
Oh man, the shuttle taking you
:icontenyosciurus:TenyoSciurus 0 5
Mature content
AVr1: To Lose Your Own Game :icontenyosciurus:TenyoSciurus 0 3
AV: Valentine's Day Assault
     Rezetosnalikari lay on the floor of the room it had been provided, staring up at the ceiling, lost in thought. There was much to contemplate in this place, and no one to talk to save the kuldarus it shared the room with. The solitude would be comforting, were it really alone. Its unnatural surroundings were a constant reminder of what lurked right outside its door.
     On the ceiling above it were the remains of a device that had seemed to serve no purpose other than to provide light. Rez had destroyed that quickly, leaving an undecipherable mess off copper threads and glass. The soft, rectangular things which had taken up a good portion of the room had similarly been shredded, though that was more a matter of curiosity. The aluminum coils they found inside made for a half-decent meal, as well. One of these half-hung idly from Rez's mouth. Chot Ren had finished its long ago.
     Something tingled in the b
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Warning: For anyone snooping my scraps, this is a copy/paste of a magic show I wrote in Skype chat as part of an rp. I just wanted to slap it on here before going to bed. I'm gonna edit it later, so even if that sounds like something you might be interested in, this is probably not the version you want to read.

A video begins to stream on the tablet. The camera glides along the ceiling of a theater with thousands seated. An announcer's voice booms out in Italian. The camera focuses on a brightly-lit stage. It's not the stage she saw over a month ago, but she has seen it before: in the videos. The announcer's voice comes to a climax, and he finishes on a word Jenny recognizes: "PHIAAAAAAN!" The crowd erupts into applause as Phian stumbles through the curtains wearing a lab coat, black rubber gloves, boots and goggles, accompanied by a rush of smoke. He stumbles about, waving the smoke away from his face and coughing. When he "recovers", he lifts the goggles off his eyes and gazes out at the audience as if puzzled to find them there. Then, a bright smile splits his face, and he begins rambling in Italian.

Phian reaches the end of his monologue, enthusiastically indicating that he has something to show them behind the curtain. He steps back up to them and throws them apart. They swing apart far more easily than it looks like they should, to reveal a blazing fire. He snaps the curtains closed again, looking back over his shoulder at the audience with a wide-eyed grimace. He waits a few seconds, then opens them again, more carefully, just to peek through. A pair of hands shoves a small device into his face. It looks like a microwave decorated with aluminum foil. He accepts it with confusion, turning around to glance between it and the audience as the curtains drop shut again.

Electronic music fills the theater as the curtains rise at last, revealing a large machine with several robotic arms and metal boxes, all around a metal-framed chair. Above this, five big screens flick rapidly between images of computers - both inside and outside - beautiful women, and Phian, with emphasis on close-ups, often just an eye or lips. Before this, just behind Phian, stand a pair of identical women in lab coats and mid-thigh skirts, striking mirrored poses with inward hand on their hips, knee bent to face their hips away from each other, outward arm raised high, and glamorous smiles. Phian steps back between them, still talking, and introduces the one on the left, gesturing to her with the microwave, as "Abra", and the one on the right as "Cadabra".

The device in his hands begins to beep, and he looks down at it in surprise. He turns it around with a thoughtful frown to inspect the front. The twins gasp in unison and lean back. It explodes, firing a cloud and dozens of papery fragments into Phian's face. The two both grab him by a shoulder, Cadabra taking the device off his hands and setting it aside. Standing stiffly, perhaps in shock, his hands still up as if holding something, Phian... has no face. Where it should be is just a mostly smooth, pale surface ringed by soot.

Phian's hand comes up, and dabs at where his face should be experimentally. The twins begin to argue, with big, exaggerated gestures, mostly toward each other. Directing blame, perhaps? Then, looking to stage left, they start to call another name: "Bambi!" "Bambi!" "Bambi?!" "Bambi!" The music turns sultry as another woman walks out. Wearing a lab coat so small it barely covers her butt, and barely contains her boobs squeezed in the top, she doesn't appear to be wearing anything else but a pair of knee-high high heeled boots. She is possibly the most fake-looking woman possible. Aside from what's probably a lot of plastic surgery, Her big, wide eyes are ringed by too much eyeliner, her lips are puffy and huge, and her blonde hair has noticeable black roots. She catwalks to center-stage, bows to level with the floor, and blows the audience a kiss. When she stands again, she follows this up with an exaggerated wink. She tucks her elbows in to her sides, and gives her abundant chest a shake. As Abra draws Phian off to the side, seemingly trying to placate him, Cadabra goes to Bambi, getting her attention and directing her to the chair.

Bambi follows Cadabra to the chair, taking a moment to wiggle down into it. She blows more kisses to the audience, then tucks her arms back and waves. Cadabra steps around the side of the machine and begins fiddling with buttons, levers and dials. The two screens to either side of the middle change to show a full body shot of Bambi, while the one in the middle shows a simply drawn face.

The right eye on the face on the screen vanishes. Bambi continues to soak up the attention as a thin robot arm descends from above. Her head jerks back a little in confusion and surprise as its tip comes down over her right eye, but then it lifts away again. As it passes. It reveals her right eye, too, is gone, eyebrow at all! She cocks her head in confusion, and purses her lips, then leans over the arm of the chair to look questioningly at Cadabra. When she fails to get her attention, however, she simply shrugs, and goes back to waving at the audience.

The left eye disappears from the drawing, another arm descending before the first has finished moving. It comes down over Bambi's left eye, but this time, she ignores it at first. When this one lifts away, leaving her eyeless, her lips make an "O" of surprise, her laying her fingertips against them emphasize her shock. She then begins to pat where her eyes belong, seemingly trying to find them.

The nose vanishes, and the next arm descends. Bambi is patting her face in wider and wider circles, still searching for her eyes as her nose gets plucked away, fact her fingers discover right after. She raises her hands (still keeping her elbows tucked back), splays out her fingers, waves her hands around, and cries "UWAAAAAUGH!" Her lips purse again as the fourth arm comes down, plucking them away, and leaving her face blank.

As Bambi continues to alternate between patting her face and clapping her hands around her cheeks in the only expression of alarm she still has available to her, Cadabra steps around the chair, takes her by the arm, and unceremoniously pulls her out, pushing her back toward stage left. Waving her arms in front of her, Bambi stumbles offstage. Cadabra joins her twin by Phian, and both gingerly take an arm, escorting him to the chair.

Abra sits on the arm of the chair, striking a pose with her left knee up and her right arm raised high, smiling at the audience again, as a mouth reappears on the picture on the screen. The last arm comes back down, moving its tip to the bottom of Phian's face. It lifts away to reveal... Overly puffy, bright red lips. He tests it, opening and closing it a few times as the sequence continues, giving him a nose again. One eye is replaced, then the other, big, wide, and with far too much makeup.

Confident his face has been restored, Phian sweeps out of the chair, striking a pose with his hands on his hips, chest out, as the music hits its climax, then cuts off.

Slower, softer music begins as Phian taps his lip with his fingertips. He quirks an eyebrow and turns to Abra, who avoids his gaze, pretending to be occupied with posing, then to Cadabra, who offers him a strained smile and shrug. He then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a hand mirror, which he squints into, only to have his eyes snap wide again in alarm.

The music picks back up, resuming the tune of the previous trick. Stowing the mirror, he starts swinging his arms in wide gestures, directing Abra and Cadabra back to either side of the machine. He returns to the seat himself, and stretches his hand upward toward the middle screen, then draws it slowly down. In response, the screen lowers, dropping down to cover his face. The twins carry a simple dance, bobbing their hips back and forth to the music as they work the controls. He points a commanding finger to the left, and Cadabra pulls a big lever. The face pictured on the screen splits into thirds, each third rapidly scrolling downward independently, accompanied by the low beeping sound of a slot machine. It's clear there are images of other faces, but they're hard to make out until features click into place: Phian's normal right eye, Bambi's nose and mouth, and the simply drawn left eye. Phian points again, and Cadabra again pulls the big lever, which sets it scrolling again. This time, every feature to click into place is his own.

He flings up his hands, and the screen rises, revealing his own face. He jogs forward a few steps, striking the same pose as before with a bright smile on his face. The twins join him, taking mirrored poses with arms, spread toward him like Vanna White showing something off. The music concludes once again.

"Ahhh," he sighs, "it's good to have everything back to normal." There's a series of crashing sounds from offstage. Phian looks puzzled. The twins exchange worried looks.
  • Listening to: something my brother put on
  • Playing: Diablo 3
  • Drinking: water
Like so many other nerds around the world, I started playing Diablo 3 last night. Don't worry, this contains no spoilers. I'm not that far into it, myself. Still, I felt the need to point something out, something that strikes me as kind of painful:

The new prominent character, Leah.

Leah is:

-an attractive young woman
-an orphan, both her parents having died when she was young
-the relative of an important character from the previous game
-a kind of caretaker to said important character
-so wholeheartedly giving of herself in the aid of others it makes the villagers question how it's humanly possible
-a competent fighter in her own right
-in possession of a tremendous power no one really understands in any way
-not really in control of said power (it comes in times of great need!)
-viewing it more as a frustration than anything
-suspected to have inherited it from her mother, though this has yet to be explained in any way

Really, Blizz? Really?

Whoever wrote this character, and everyone who could have prevented her from being in this game but didn't, deserves to be slapped.

Aside from that, I'm certainly enjoying it!


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So naturally, I'm glad you found this little thing; there's much, much more to come, I assure you! :)
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